Research involving humans or animals require ethical clearance by an Ethics Review Committee (ERC). Some institutes have its own Institutional Review Board (IRB). These consider the research studies involved in biomedical or behavioral research submitted by the scientists of their own centre only. Therefore, each and every proposal in graduate and post graduate research is not being brought before ERC for ethical clearance. Moreover, due to advances in science and technology, biomedical technologies and the environmental crisis, over the years a significant number of clinical trials, biomedical and behavioral researches are increased and international collaborations are growing rapidly in Bangladesh. However, there is no established full-time ERC to oversee the research involving human, animal and environment in Bangladesh.

To increase scientific and ethical research culture in professional education, clinical & behavioral research and community interest, present ERC of Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS) has been formed in 2014 by the mandate of FERCAP, SIDKER, WHO.

ERC of BBS is established to provide independent guidance, review and approve research proposals involving humans, animals and environments with a view to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety for research participants.

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